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Considering Adopting a Pet?

Adopting a pet can add so much to your home and your family. Here's 5 reasons to consider adopting: 1. Adopting a pet saves a life Too many cats and dogs who are left at shelters with no place to go. In the United States, the number of euthanized animals could be reduced by more people adopting pets from their local shelter. By adopting, you save a pet and open a new spot for another pet to come into the shelter. 2. You'll get a new best friend There is a misconception that many pets are in shelters because there is something wrong with them. This is not the case for many pets in shelters. Many are placed in shelters...

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Teaching Your Dog To Walk on a Leash

Taking your dog for a walk can be a great form of exercise for both of you and a great way to enjoy the beautiful summer weather. Unfortunately, if your dog constantly pulls on the leash it can create more stress than joy. But there are tips that you try to help making walking your dog enjoyable for both of you!

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Why Exercise is Important for Pets

It's become common knowledge that exercise is important for humans, but it's equally important for pets. It's important to get outdoors with your pet, not only to help fight pet obesity which currently affects 20-40% of pets, but to help improve physical and mental well being.

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