"Elm pet food has solved both my dogs' food issues.

In April we adopted a 9 week old Pit Bull, we started her on a highly rated grain free puppy food. Within weeks her skin allergy issues started, because she was a young puppy it was hard to determine if it was environmental or food. She also started getting reoccurring UTIs - 4 in her 6 months of life. We were at the vet every 2-3 weeks. She was constantly on antibiotics, she completed 1 round of prednisone, and then we switched to a daily allergy medicine (which isn’t approved for puppies, but we were desperate). She would improve and then get worse and then improve. My vet, who is great, said it was very rare to have a puppy with allergy issues but other skin issues were ruled out. We finally broke down and ordered the very expensive prescription food to see if that would help her. I left the vet wondering how I would afford to feed my Pit Bull this very expensive food.
That same day we spoke to a manger at Concord pet who recommended ELM. I immediately switched both my dogs to Elm and returned the prescription food. We purchased it knowing we would go the prescription route if ELM didn't help. She has been eating ELM for just over two months. It has been almost 6 weeks since I stopped her daily allergy medicine, and 6 weeks since she finished her last round of antibiotics. This is the longest she has been med free in her short life, this is longest she has gone without a UTI. Her skin issues are all but completely gone (but they don't bother her at all). I think she has some environmental allergies which unfortunately ELM food cant cure. ELM has given my baby girl a much better quality of life and at an extremely reasonable cost for such high quality food.

My other dog which we have had about 2 years, has always had a very sensitive gut. It has been normal for him to go through periods where he cannot not hold his bowels for very long which resulted in him going in the house while we were out or over night. This would happen anywhere from just once or twice a month to everyday for 7 - 10 days. The vet ruled out medical issues. When we first got him we tried 3 or 4 different foods over 6 - 8 months to find one he both liked and didn't upset his gut. We settled on a highly rated grain free chicken food that he just sorta liked. When we switched him to ELM I was shocked it didn't upset his gut, even though I didn’t slowly change their food. He has not had an upset gut since we switch to ELM - he has not gone potty in the house in over 2 months! On top of that he loves this food.

I never thought I could love a dog food as much as I love ELM. Everyone I know has heard me rave about it.

Thank you so much for making this food!"

The Franceschi Family

"My family decided last year after the loss of a pet, that we would never feed our animals pet food equivalent to fast-food again! How awful and unhealthy to eat a couple times a day for years and years; we never realized...
We switched around to try a few things and settled on a national brand. It had tiny pieces that they seemed to love, and dehydrated bits we could break up to coax the dogs with, but most of them still picked at their food. 
Our local Concord Pets started carrying your line of food and highly recommended it based off the ingredients and new customer reviews. Well, we figured what could it hurt to try right?! ALL of our pets LOVE your food (we switched the cats as well)! We started using only your line probably 2 months ago and EVERY pet we have (3 dogs and 3 cats), yes even the picky eaters, eat all their food! 
Their teeth look great, their coats are amazing, they have good energy, no more signs of upset bellies (dogs) or hairballs (cats) and they actually eat w/o coaxing or needing to add something else in for taste! 
The dogs liked the lamb flavor, but when we got the salmon to try, holy moly, it was like Christmas for canines!
We humans of the family love that it is made with quality AND made right here at home in the U.S. by a local family owned business!
Thank you for doing it different and doing it right!
Please don't change a thing and don't go anywhere!"

Thank you much,
The Reichelt's, 
Tuck, Chubbs, BeeGee, 
Link, Chico and Daphne

"Hi, I just started using your cat and dog food and so far my pets really like the food! I'm so happy to find a local family making quality food. "
Thank you,

 "I just started using your food for my Kitties (i have 3). One of them is quite picky. I happened upon your food while shopping for the food I had been buying. I was attracted to it by the nice introductory price, but mostly because you are a local company, the food was made in the USA, was limited ingredient and grain/by-product free. I am very particular about the food that I give to my "children". I tried the food and my cats LOVE it. Even though I give them three different kinds each morning (a small bowl each), the Elm bowl is always empty! Also, I am finding that they are not throwing up this food like with previous options. We are happy all around! Thanks for making a nice product I can feel good about giving them and that they love. Keep up the quality. My only suggestion is that you offer more flavor options as there is currently only salmon for kitties. My kitties thank you too!!"