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Indoor Games with Pets

Playing with your pets is a great way to reinforce training, strengthen your bond, incorporate exercise into your daily routine, and enrich your pet’s life

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Giving Cats a Good Indoor Life

Pet owners who keep their cats indoors not only protect their local wildlife, but also protect their favorite feline. Even if a cat is used to being outdoors, it is still easy to give them a fantastic life indoors. Why Keep Cats Indoors? Many cat lovers have a mistaken impression that cats need to be free to roam about outdoors in order to have a happy life. Indoor cats, however, can do plenty of roaming and exploring without ever venturing outdoors, and when they stay inside, they avoid a wide range of risks and hazards, including… Diseases that can be spread from feral cats or other outdoor pets Fleas, ticks, mites, worms and other pests and parasites Predators looking for...

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Fall Pet Safety Tips

Fall is a fun season to get out and about with your pets, but before you jump into that first pile of leaves, sip that first pumpkin spice latte, or walk down that first fall trail, it is important to keep your pets safe. Understanding autumn hazards and how to avoid them is essential for both you and your pet to safely enjoy fall. Fall Hazards Pets Face The exact hazards your pet may face as sunlight wanes and temperatures fall will depend not only on what pet you have, but also its general health, your local climate, and what activities you and your pet enjoy. The most common hazards that affect pets in autumn include: Rodenticides: Autumn is when...

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