Ways to Keep Your Dog Busy At Work


We all know the guilty feeling you get when you leave your pet at home, it's the worst! But the fact is most American's have to work, so leaving your pet at home is a reality that we all have to face. Here are some tips to keep your pet occupied while you're away!

1. Favorite toy

Keep your pet's favorite toy hidden while you're home at night or on the weekends and only bring it out when it's time for you to go to work. That way there is some excitement built just as you're walking out the door.

2. Leave the Radio or TV on

Background noise can keep your pet distracted and busy throughout the day! Often times, a quiet house can get your pet in trouble from being stimulated by outside noises and wondering what is going on which causes them to bark, chew and more. 

3. Leave a window open 

For the same reason mentioned above, if a pet feels like they aren't alone it helps keep them distracted throughout the day. Also, if they feel like the space is open and can see the outdoors, they feel like they have more room to navigate. This can help pets from becoming anxious.

4. Make a Scavenger Hunt

Hide your pets kibble, toys and treats in random places around the house so they have to work to find them. This keeps them active and stimulates their senses through the day.