Valentine's Day Tips with Pets

The most romantic day of the year is coming up - Valentine's Day! Of course with any approaching holiday, you quickly begin to get excited about all of the ways that you can include your pet in your plans!

The best part about celebrating Valentine's Day with a pet is you don't have to buy them anything! They love you no matter what. In fact, many popular Valentine's Day gift ideas are not safe for pets, including chocolate and flowers. 

Chocolate can be highly toxic for dogs. While a small piece here or there may not seem to harm your dog, giving them even just a little bit to much can be extremely toxic which would result in your pet likely heading to the ER. Be sure to keep all chocolates, including baking powders, out of reach of pets.

If you're planning to pick up a Valentine's Day gift for your pets there are a lot of things that they would very much enjoy! Consider treats, a new toy or a new dog bed! These will excite your pet without being dangerous!

Happy Valentine's Day to all!