Teaching Your Dog To Walk on a Leash

Taking your dog for a walk can be a great form of exercise for both of you and a great way to enjoy the beautiful summer weather. Unfortunately, if your dog constantly pulls on the leash it can create more stress than joy. But there are tips that you try to help making walking your dog enjoyable for both of you!

While walking your dog, if you notice that he/she pulls on the leash it's important to address this behavior so that your dog doesn't continue to do this in the future. It may be cute behavior as a puppy, but as your dog continues to grow it may become more problematic. If you notice this behavior, stop walking and stand still as a tree. Do not move forward until your dog comes back to you and calms down. Once your dog is calm, try walking again but continue this training until your puppy consistently gets the idea.

You may also want to try a harness for your dog while walking. Harnesses are designed to avoid pulling behavior by dogs on walks.

Please remember that regular exercise is important for dogs both big and small! Practice these tips until your dog is a pro!