Feeding Your Cat in a Multiple Cat Home

Having multiple cats can bring so much joy to your life and home, but it's not without challenges, especially at meal time. Here are some tips to consider when it comes to feeding multiple cats at once.

Having multiple cats may require you to feed different types of cat feed, which means several bowls. Setting up a feeding station for each cat, in separate rooms, is a great way to try to keep cats separate when it comes to meal time. You may even want to consider closing the door to each room during meal time if your cat seems comfortable. Doing so for 20-30 minutes should be an appropriate amount of time to allow your cat to eat without distraction. After some consistency with this new routine, you shouldn't have to police as often and can probably even start to leave the door to each room open.

Finding a system that works for you when it comes to feeding your cats is great, but it's important to always consult a veterinarian before changing diets.