5 Ways to Celebrate National Pet Month

It's gonna be May... sorry! Had to! 

Happy month of May, which of course means only one thing, it's National Pet Month! The best month there is IMO (in my opinion). Of course everyone loves their pets every single day, but why not have an extra month to celebrate, right?

Here are just a few ways we thought of to celebrate!

1. Photoshoots

Whether you take the pictures yourself or hire someone, use May as an opportunity to capture your furry loved one!

2. Training

Take some time to teach your bestie some new tricks! YouTube has some awesome resources dedicated to pet training. Make sure you stock up on Elm Pet Foods treats before you do! ;) 

3. Road Trip

Hit the wide open road with your bestie! 

4. Play Dates

Schedule some extra play time for your furry friend! Bonus: This can also be an opportunity for you to social too with other pet moms and dads!

5. Hiking

Hit the trails with your pooch! Make sure to pack extra water for this adventure!

There are so many ways to celebrate! However you do, we'd love to see! Share pictures with us on social